WindowsWear Hosts its Workshop with Grupo Boticário, The Largest Cosmetic Franchise in the World

On September 25 & 26, 2017, WindowsWear hosted a special WindowsWear Workshop for Grupo Boticário, which included fifty members of their design, marketing, merchandising, and architectural teams at their corporate offices in Curitiba, Brazil. O Boticário is the largest cosmetic franchise in the world, and is the second largest cosmetic company in Brazil. The company has 4,070 stores in Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, United States, Paraguay, Japan, France and Venezuela. WindowsWear’s next Workshop will take place during Shop! Market Week in New York City, December 5 to 7, 2017.

Brazil is estimated to have the fourth-largest beauty market in the world, after the U.S., Japan, and China. The country accounts for about 10% of the global market. WindowsWear’s Workshop explored the landscape of the global cosmetic retail industry, including it’s key drivers of differentiation with regards to design, marketing, visual merchandising, display, and packing.

The cosmetics classification is challenging to present effectively due to the nature of the merchandise. As such, techniques and philosophies were presented to best highlight the product to its ideal advantage, while projecting the attributes of the retailer’s brand image. The Workshop explored topics in regards to the future of retail, branded environments, trends, principles, color, design, lighting, and more. Additionally, the workshop included a self-store audit, and a comparative analysis of O’ Boticário’s competition.

WindowsWear’s real-time communications App was also presented as a solution to help the team communicate with its 4,070 stores in Brazil and around the world. The App is available in multiple languages including English, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, and French.

Pictured above are members of Grupo Boticário’s team including Aline Tiemi,
Catarina Parente,
Danielle Martins,
Diego Vianna,
Estela Sazagima,
Fabiane Silva,
Felipe Ferreira,
Fernanda Cordeiro,
Fla Carvalho Richter,
Gian Carlo,
Haroldo Junior,
Jaqueline Gapski,
Jaqueline Gapski,
Jaqueline Hirano,
Junior Abreu,
Karla Vasconcellos,
Klisman Santos,
Larissa de Santi,
Leandro Castro,
Lucas Miranda,
Maico Amorim,
Marcos Lins,
Mariana Mariana,
Mayara Navarro,
Melina Correia,
Meline Zortea,
Natalia Salata,
Patricia Elias,
Patricia Reido,
Renata Tanaka,
Sabrina Godarth,
Tamy Hino,
Thiago Bariao,
Vitor Bertollini,
Vivian Kinoshita,
as well as Eric Feigenbaum, WindowsWear’s Director of Workshops.

WindowsWear’s next Workshop will take place during Shop! Market Week in New York City, December 5 to 7, 2017.

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