Course Description and Learning Objectives.

Change is an inevitable part of the retail industry. Due to the relentless march of technology, the industry is changing faster now than ever before. Today’s consumers engage with retailers at times and in places they never have before. But even in the face of e-commerce and new shopping patterns, physical stores remain the retailer’s most valuable asset. They’re the best places to connect with the customer and forge lasting relationships. Going forward, retailers must not only provide new reasons for customers to once again enter their stores, but they must provide points of engagement that will keep them there.

The physical store must be regarded as a tool of communication. While brand to consumer communication takes on many forms, the store remains the moment of truth, where customers are immersed in an experiential environment that communicates the tangible attributes and nuances of both the product and the brand. Visual merchandising is more important now than ever before. It’s the language used within a retail environment to communicate quality messages to the targeted customer.

The WindowsWear Workshop offers an analysis of current practices, theories and techniques used in visual merchandising and store design. The 3-day hands-on intensive seminar provides a real-world understanding of these important disciplines in order to maximize sales through customer engagement, creativity and holistic design. The program addresses the processes and methodologies used to project a brand image and to create a meaningful visual dialogue with the customer.

The 3-day WindowsWear Workshop is designed to provide an understanding of the ever-evolving role of visual merchandising, and its importance in any successful retail strategy. The program will provide you with a working knowledge of visual merchandising philosophies and techniques, with an emphasis on basic principles of perception, the branded retail environment, and the store design process.


Day 1

1. Visual Merchandising: The Communicator of the Brand
2. Attributes of an Effective Store Environment
3. The Future of Retail: Retail’s New Paradigm
4. Visual Merchandising Trends
5. The Display Window: Projecting the Nuances of the Brand
6. Visual Merchandising: Philosophies and Techniques
  - Principles of Perception
  - The Viewing Curve
  - Guiding the Eyes
  - Field of Vision
  - The Arena Effect
  - Tools of Engagement
  - Composition
  - Vertical Merchandising
7. Color: The Visual Merchandiser’s Most Important Tool

Day 2

8. Store Design: An Environmental Projection of the Brand
  - Holistic Design
  - Floor Plans
  - Open
  - Free Flow
  - Grid
  - Race Track
  - Circulation
  - Allocation
  - Adjacencies
  - Presentation Zones
  - Process and Phasing Schedule
  - Brainstorming Exercise

9. Lighting: The Icing on the Cake
10 Mannequins: The Quintessential Silent Sales People
11. The Visual Merchandising Process
  - Visual Requests
  - Zone-o-grams
  - Seasonal Standards
  - Basic Standards
  - Prototype
12. Visual Merchandising: History, Theory and Practice
13. Quantifying the Visual Merchandising Effort
14. Terminology

Day 3

New York City Retail Safari:
New York City is the most important brick-and-mortar retail location in the world. It is the global headquarters of many of the world's best brands and their biggest flagship retail stores. What is created in New York City influences the rest of the world, and visual merchandisers in NYC are constantly bringing cutting-edge new stores and concepts to life. On this retail safari, you will be able to identify best practices from the classroom sessions and see first-hand how they are implemented in the field. This 3-day intensive course will provide you with everything you need to know from the creative aspect all the way to the dollars and cents of visual merchandising.


WindowsWear Workshop is the ultimate, 3-day intensive visual merchandising workshop.

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Eric Feigenbaum is WindowsWear's Director of Workshops. Eric is a recognized leader in the visual merchandising and store design industries with over 30 years of domestic and international design experience. Mr. Feigenbaum is Editorial Advisor / New York Editor for VMSD Magazine. Previously, he was Chair of Visual Merchandising at LIM College in New York City, where he created the first four year BBA degree program, and the first masters degree program in visual merchandising. In addition, he was an adjunct professor of store design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Mr. Feigenbaum is a founding member of PAVE (The Planning and Visual Education Partnership), and has served as the chair of the Society of Visual Merchandisers. His professional experience includes serving as Corporate Director of Visual Merchandising for Stern’s Department Store, a division of Federated Department Stores. He was also the Director of Visual Merchandising for WalkerGroup/CNI, an architectural design firm located in New York City. In 2012, he was awarded the industry’s highest honor, the coveted Markopoulos Award.



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