What Was Hot @ EuroShop 2020

Here are some of the most interesting things we found at EuroShop 2020, which took place in Düsseldorf, Germany.  The five-day fair focused on all aspects of retail, including digital transformations, energy efficiencies, and sustainability. retail.  There were also lectures on topics such as technology, architecture, visual merchandising, and store design.


Designs and manufactures mannequins, mixing artisanal traditions with advanced techniques, and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. To highlight their creativity and use of technology, the company featured this futuristic family of mannequins.



Manufactures quality crafted male and female mannequins and bust forms, headquartered in Renazzo di Cento, Italy. The company did a “blast to the past” with the relaunch of the Twiggy mannequin by Adel Rootstein. Twiggy was a British cultural icon and a prominent teenage model in the swinging 1960’s in London who inspired her own line of mannequins. Learn more about mannequin craze of the 1960’s.


IDW Display

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality mannequins and display solutions, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. The company focused on sustainability and recyclability, as well as displaying “inclusive” mannequins that are body confidence. IDW’s manufacturing is based in Lithuania, so it’s ability to produce and ship worldwide is not directly affected by the Coronavirus. Coronavirus was a big theme at EuroShop 2020, as many other vendors have manufacturing facilities in China, so the very fact that a supplier does not have to rely on China became a key competitive advantage for vendors to produce and ship goods in the current market.

L&S Lighting

A bespoke lighting solutions provider, headquartered in Maron di Brugnera, Italy. Their new “Imagine” interactive window is a simple, yet engaging solution that allows for both 2-dimensional printed window advertisements and 3-dimensional product displays. The 2-dimensional printed advertisement is made up of a special film that becomes completely transparent when the display is illuminated. The light is triggered when people walk by the window, creating an engaging, stoppable moment.



A new startup that produces magnetic and electrified visual display systems, headquartered in Weinstadt, Germany. Their magnetic walls allow for any lighting or display fixtures to be placed and removed anywhere on their surfaces. This solution completely eliminates the need for grids, cables, and drills, and makes the display more seamless and visually appealing.



One of the largest global luxury store fixture manufacturers, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. The day we visited their booth also happened to be the 1 year anniversary of the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, on September 19th. To recognize the anniversary and celebrate Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy, METAWOOD had created unique displays inspired by Karl Lagerfeld and Peter Marino’s iconic looks.



Designs and manufactures light fixtures with an Italian flair in their design and Bridgelux technology in their LEDs. The company showcased a “tunable white” software technology to enhance the brightness and contrast of their light fixtures through a mobile app device that can also be set with automatic light configurations.


RD Leuchten

An expert in shop & retail lighting, headquartered in Bad Zurzach, Switzerland. The company’s new “color picking” app technology and light fixtures allow visual merchandisers to “pick” the exact color hue they want to highlight in the display. The light fixtures will then automatically adjust their light settings to provide the best lighting treatment to best enhance the color that was selected in the merchandise.

The next EuroShop will be held in Düsseldorf from February 26 to March 2, 2023.  You do not have to wait that long to be part of the global community, simply become a WindowsWear member today and showcase your projects to our global audience of 70,000+ members and social media followers!