The story of Bumba.. When one discovers Loro Piana Cashmere, its mythical.. so when celebrating this noble fiber in our FW19 windows, I wanted to give a sense of extraordinary discovery.. We began to research Goats in mythology, finding they are present in almost all the ancient cultures as givers of warmth & life, often in larger than life representations in traditional costumes. Inspired by these myths, we began pulling moodboards of images: oversized ceramic animals, shaggy costumes and masks, wild things.. I then enlisted the help of my friend & creative Samar Younes to help me draw and texture this spirit beast.. she got it straight way and sent me two sketches and material references.. Spirit guide excellence was born! These allowed my amazing LP team (Graziano Carbone and Marianna Iurilli) to develop the final embracing design and the shaggy coat and soft muzzle. Giving life to a herd of soft, mediative, protective Beasties that holds all the grace and noble stature of the animals they represent. So why the name Bumba? I grew up with clay animals shaped like bells in my house, they are known as Bumbas. Little spirit guides, they belonged to my sister, soI remember them with a great joy & reverence that I hope you feel when seeing this window, as I do.