Clinique Blemishes. Campaign
To showcase the latest anti-blemish solutions line by Clinique, we designed and executed a visually vibrant & mesmerizing 360 content campaign fully equipped with immersive set design, graphics & dynamic camera work to bring to life the collection in a way which addresses skin complaints, without stigmatizing those suffering from acne. Inspired by the range’s global direction, the campaign set was designed using the visually striking imagery of red polka dots to symbolize acne in a fun & non-intrusive manner. Through a captivating storyline, the viewer is taken on a journey led by one of our influencers, in seeing how they combat their skin complaints, with an attitude which embodies inner strength & positivity. With acne being a serious dermatological issue which millions across the globe suffer from, American Board certified dermatologist Dr. Razan Kadry was brought on board to provide a credible viewpoint and showcase the proven benefits of the range, creating a well-rounded campaign narrative. As the influencers use the products throughout the video, the red polka dots diminish, recognizing the visible results which customers experience upon using the range. Additionally, use of the BOLT camera provided flexibility & originality in terms of creative language, helping create a visually striking campaign unlike any other.