WindowsWear Launches the First Global, Comprehensive Visual Merchandising and Store Design Intensive Workshop in the U.S.

WindowsWear announces the launch of WindowsWear Workshop, the first global, comprehensive visual merchandising and store design 3-day intensive workshop in the U.S. The Workshop takes place in New York City at WindowsWear’s beautifully designed world headquarters located in the heart of Manhattan’s most creative and artistic shopping district. It is also offered on-demand at select international locations. The 3-day course is a mix of classroom study and a “Retail Safari”.

The Retail Safari gives participants the ability to identify best practices from the classroom sessions and see first-hand how they are implemented in the field at the most important and compelling brick-and-mortar locations in Manhattan, arguably the most important city for retail design. The Workshop also offers participants a unique opportunity to meet with and learn from some of the most recognizable names in the industry.

"The Workshop takes the best of a typical 4-year bachelor's degree and continuing master's degree of visual merchandising and condenses it into just three days, it's tremendous value," says Jon Harari, CEO. "Every participant who successfully completes the Workshop is consequently recognized as a leader in the industry."

Fundamental topics of visual merchandising and store design will be covered as well as the latest trends and cutting-edge concepts. The course is applicable for all experience levels and welcomes individuals, visual & creative teams, associations, and other groups. Private workshops are also available. The workshop occurs throughout the year, the schedule for which can be found online at The Workshop will be broadcast live for participants who want to access it virtually through their computers or mobile devices.

Participants will learn how to apply visual merchandising and store design principles to make their environments stunning and beautiful. After finishing the course, the goal is for participants to leave confident in their ability to take their craft to the next level, ultimately leading to more engaging displays, happier customers, increased traffic, improved sales & ROI, and the most effective communication of their brandÂ’s DNA.

"From the sketch to the window, attendees will learn every step of the process and, for example, how lighting is key for fashion windows displays," says Raul Tovar, Head of Photography.

The Workshop brings together the best information and trends on important topics including history of visual merchandising, visual merchandising, philosophies & techniques, color, store layout & design, and more. In addition, the Workshop will study the role and things to consider when working with 3rd party vendors who provide services related to architecture & interior design, digital, graphics, lighting, mannequins, props, and virtual reality.

“Advising our clients on all matters pertaining to visual merchandising is our hallmark and I’m very pleased to add the Workshop as an offering. Furthermore, we welcome to the team, Eric Feigenbaum who is one of the most distinguished professionals in our industry and whose talent and eye for aesthetics is recognized worldwide. This speaks highly to the innovative services that WindowsWear continues to roll out,” says Mike Niemtzow, President.

WindowsWear's Workshop is led by Eric Feigenbaum, WindowsWear's Head of Workshops. He is a recognized leader in the visual merchandising and store design industries with both domestic and international design experience. In 2012, he was awarded the industryÂ’s highest honor, the coveted Markopoulos Award. Mr. Feigenbaum is Editorial Advisor & New York Editor for Visual Merchandising Store Design Magazine (VMSD Magazine), and former Chair of Visual Merchandising for LIM College in New York City. He lectures frequently around the world on the latest visual merchandising and store design trends.

“Visual merchandising has gone from the basement studio to the executive boardroom,” says Eric Feigenbaum, Head of Workshops. “This important discipline has evolved into a vital component of any retail strategy. It’s the successful retailer who recognizes the importance of aesthetics and visual organization in any retail environment. The WindowsWear Visual Merchandising Workshop will address the role of visual merchandising, philosophies and techniques in driving profits and successfully projecting a company’s brand image.”

WindowsWear Workshop partners with major industry associations around the world, including POPAI | A.R.E., the European Visual Marketing Merchandising Association (VMM), Visualistit Ry (Association for Visual Merchandisers), The Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE), The International Textiles and Apparel Association (ITAA), and Art Libraries Society Of North America (ARLIS/NA).

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