RETAILfocus Magazine: Retail Design Collective and Window Walk Review


Jon Harari, CEO of WindowsWear, brings us the highlights of the company's Fashion Window Walking Tour in New York and design trends for 2015.

The windows of the major department stores in New York were terrific this year. Here's a recap below from the city's major department stores.

SantaÂ’s Journey to the Stars, or what Christmas would look like on another planet, was the theme of MacyÂ’s windows. WindowsWear perspective: MacyÂ’s tends to use a Christmas fairy-tail story for its holiday windows each year, which usually features a little boy or girl and his or her journey awaking from a dream and venturing to an out-of-this-world fantasy land. Macy's was the first to debut an in-store Santa Claus in 1862, and the displays in Herald Square each year align to traditional holiday story lines.

Lord & Taylor's holiday windows allow guests to embark on a state-of-the-art journey through the imagination, exploring the whimsical interiors of an enchanted mansion on the eve of the holidays. WindowsWear perspective: 2014 marks the 100 year anniversary of Lord & Taylor's Fifth Avenue store. Its holiday windows each year incorporate more of a traditional style with very detailed and ornate creations in the displays.

Saks Fifth AvenueÂ’s flagship store debuted An Enchanted Experience. The fantastical show included the storeÂ’s iconic holiday windows and a dramatic light display encompassing the entire building. WindowsWear perspective: Saks Fifth Avenue launched its store in 1924, during the booming 1920s. Its windows each year feature Art Deco motifs and dramatic life-like encounters that always look like they are straight out of the Great Gatsby.

Bergdorf GoodmanÂ’s theme this holiday season was Inspired, with the storeÂ’s Fifth Avenue window displays visually manifesting this idea. WindowsWear perspective: The level of detail and layering seen in these windows was amazing. These windows rely on old-world craftsmanship, are created with real antiques, and take 11 months to create and took 100+ different people to produce.

Barneys New York presented BAZ DAZZLED, a multi-platform holiday extravaganza in collaboration with Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin. WindowsWear perspective: In regards to the other department stores, you never know what to expect each year with Barneys' window displays – this year was no different. Barneys hit a huge home run with these windows and the experience is amazing. The windows themselves were a multi-media work of art but so were the real-life ice dancers, opera singers and break-dancing elves that bring the experience to a whole new level.

BloomingdaleÂ’s flagship 59th Street store unveils holiday windows inspired by the music of the season, seven different vignettes inspired by lyrics from classic holiday tunes from Harry Connick, Jr. WindowsWear perspective: BloomingdaleÂ’s incorporated a lot of interactive technology to engage people on the street this year with its windows. Although the experience may be entertaining to those actually interacting with the windows, it left others isolated from the experience. Interactive digital displays is a new approach for retailers, but we advise to keep caution and make sure the interactivity of the display is equally engaging to all those around them.

In regards to upcoming trends for 2015, here is what we identified – with the help of exhibitors at Retail Design Collective in December.


There has been an influx of requests for eco friendly materials, especially taking those materials and really showcasing their properties. With this eco trend, there has been a lot of mixed media, incorporating these more natural looking items and muted tones with other materials such as acrylic or metallics.

Natural elements and raw materials

Wood, rope and paper were used in retail windows in very creative and attractive ways to draw customers into the stores. We see this trend continuing into 2015, as the demand for green and reusable material increases.

Animals and nature

The animal kingdom came to life this year in many shapes and sizes. And after having a sneak peek for next year, it looks like the nature theme will breeze its way into 2015.

Theatrics and social media

Re-emergence of theatre in stores and windows. Bringing the drama back to the high street with creative spaces. Enhancing the relationship between art, design direction, technology and social media and ensuring they all work coherently.


WeÂ’ve seen the creative evolution of displays move from static to interactive executions. We anticipate this trend to continue into 2015 as more windows incorporate impactful elements, and utilise various technologies to create personal experiences that engage with consumers.


Texture, heads, taller, fabric... The use of texture (either in the mould and/or added). Trends towards the use of heads (abstract and stylised); like the runway models, elongation is trending in mannequins too. More and more blending of fabric covered torsos, even with heads, blurring the line between mannequin and form in some respects.

Concept stores and global campaigns

Reinventing bricks and mortar and the concept of store in general to strengthen brand identity and customer service. More and more brands are developing the idea of global campaign, making it easier for the customer to recognise the brand and easier for the brand to work on its identity. The exact same concept that has been developed for hotel chains (offering their client the exact same room with the same experience regardless of location).