WindowsWear Launches “WindowsWear LineUp” As A Virtual Community For Creatives

As the world finds itself longing for connectivity and entertainment in this global lockdown, WindowsWear has created a new multi-platform concept to inspire and promote creativity and collaboration. WindowsWear is happy to announce “WindowsWear LineUp”  — a digital space that’ll allow you to learn about and watch creative talents from around the world.

Starting April 13, ‘WindowsWear LineUp’ will be featuring the works of the creative minds from all different brands showcasing the WindowsWear community which includes leading names across art, fashion, design, setting daily creative exercises for our audiences to interact with.

On Monday, WindowsWear will test your knowledge on all things fashion, while on Tuesday it’ll be giving a global guide to the best virtual experiences. Mid-week you can learn new fun facts about leading names across art, fashion, design, and then on Thursday, you can check out 75+ years of archival fashion by diving into the past. Members can also learn, engage, and inspire from the community with WindowsWear LIVE! You’ll be able to close out your week on Friday with selecting your go-to favorites in exciting polls with other WindowsWear members.

Whether you’re seeking a dose of creative inspiration, an entertaining distraction, or both, consider adding ‘WindowsWear LineUp’ to your daily schedule — you can easily access it through Instagram and!