Gucci Launches Gucci Gaming in App

The esteemed luxury fashion house Gucci has taken both the fashion and gaming world by storm with the release of apps Gucci Bee and Gucci Ace. In an effort to reinvent the brand under his creative direction, Alessandro Michele is using the two new gaming platforms to bring Gucci to the hands of people outside of its clothing’s audience.

The first game to launch, Gucci Bee, is a clear product of the inspiration of classic ’80s arcade game, Pac Man. Michele’s ingenious plan to utilize this vintage, yet still completely recognizable game, works to involve customers and fans with the new products of the brand. The signature bee motif serves as the centre of attention in this updated video game, thus prompting the name ‘Gucci Bee.’

Arriving in the app store not long after its counterpart, Gucci Ace continues to draw on arcade games of the past several decades and gives them a new, digital, light. Each level represents another era of gaming, including the beloved game of ping pong. Yet again, Michele’s artistic aesthetic is obvious to any eye, with the games not only entertaining but beautifully crafted as well.

Though unique to any other fashion house, Gucci’s aim to use the gaming culture of the past to move its brand into the future is no surprise. They never fail to come up with novel ways to incorporate the changing world into their styles, and vice versus. Clearly, the house is working tirelessly to merge the fashion and gaming genres… you could almost say, they are as busy as a bee!