Diesel Opens Doors on Digital Showroom

Diesel revealed parent company OTB’s latest tech push on Thursday with the launch of a new digital platform and exhibition space called Hyperoom.

Modeled after Diesel’s showroom in Milan, the virtual space was designed to be inviting and efficient. The goal is to offer an immersive environment with an emotional pull for buyers and vendors.


Visitors can move around the space and check out merchandise in 360-degree views. Clicking on products pulls up windows of information and rotatable images. Hyperoom will feature all of OTB’s brands in different sections customized according to each label’s style, personality and values.

The launch arrives as the fashion world looks to ways of facilitating exchanges without physical venues.

“One must look for silver linings whenever and wherever possible. 2020 has sparked an urgency to accelerate what we can offer and accomplish in the digital space,” Diesel chief executive officer Massimo Piombini said in a statement.


The company re-created its selling process to suit the digital space. The project offers streamlined order-taking, with remote buying sessions using enhanced digital assets.

The pieces range from signature clothing and accessories to the latest items, with 3-D visuals and 2-D closeups available, along with product details. Buyers can also watch mood videos of spring and summer 2021, which spotlight the key looks and drops of the season. The company paid particular attention to its hallmark denim products, which features high-quality multimedia.

A live Diesel vendor walks buyers throughout the virtual experience, describing the collections and facilitating the process. And at the end, an easy-to-use interface offers an overview of their selections.

With this new buying platform, the brand can significantly reduce the number of clothing samples it needs for showroom displays, while minimizing the need to travel to see new collections.


Diesel believes Hyperoom offers a “complete journey” that even exceeds the experience of standard showroom appointments.

“With this tool we have set a new benchmark for the industry, in regard to digital transformation,” Piombini added. “The Hyperoom is the ultimate virtual buying experience.”