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WindowsWear PRO is the world's largest fashion visual display and merchandising resource that provides comprehensive research, analysis, trends, and data on the world's fashion window displays.

WindowsWear PRO is the world's largest fashion visual display and merchandising resource that provides comprehensive research, analysis, trends, and data on the world's fashion window displays.

Retailers, brands & designers, Vendors & suppliers for the fashion industry, Colleges & Universities from around the world subscribe to WindowsWear PRO.

WindowsWear PRO covers over 26,000 windows from more than 550 different brands in 8 cities around the world, including NYC, Paris, Milan, London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Mexico City, and growing. We add approximately 2,000 new windows each month.

To get to WindowsWear PRO, type in into your browser.

After subscribing and your account is set up, the first thing to do is to login. You can find the log in button in the upper right of the screen.

Now I'm logged into the world's leading visual merchandising and fashion trends resource that analyzes all the windows from the major cities around the world. The charts on the home page show the status of all the information about the windows, the different cities, the unique brands, and the design inspiration that we cover.

Now we are ready to use Windows Wear Pro. On the top navigation bar, we have the Search Windows button and all the analytical and trend reporting buttons to the right. Clicking on the search windows button launches our search engine to view all of the windows. On the left of the Search page are the filters allowing you to pick the windows you will see.

By clicking on the plus buttons next to each filter, you can see all the choices you have to search the windows. By clicking on stores, you see the 550+ stores available. By clicking months, you can select the latest and historical windows. By clicking on City, you see the 8 cities available. By clicking on Gender, you can see windows by gender. By clicking on Design, you see the 362+ design trends. By clicking on Color, you see all the color trends available. By clicking on Style, you see all the style trends available. By clicking on Mannequins, you see the mannequin trends available.

Now I will show you what happens when you make a selection. In this example, I will select the latest month and you are able to see the results, which include all the windows from all the retailers from around the world. Just like the worldÂ’s fashion weeks cover all the latest trends of the worldÂ’s fashion designers, WindowsWear PRO covers the worldÂ’s fashion windows.

As you can see, there is an immensity of visual images, covering every single style, every store design and every window design of every major brand.

IÂ’m still scrolling down and you can see the huge amounts of windows just for this month.

Retailers, Brands, & Designers subscribe to WindowsWear PRO.

This site is used by fashion designers, visual merchandisers, buyers, store designers, and the marketing, PR and social media teams, because they want to see and understand how brands market themselves in their stores around the world.

Vendors and suppliers subscribe to WindowsWear PRO.

On the Search Windows page, we have a special filter highlighting the vendors and suppliers that are seen in the windows. By clicking on the plus sign, you can see the vendors and suppliers that have tagged their work on WindowsWear PRO. For example, I have selected Soozar, a vendor in Hong Kong. You can see they created the eggshell environment in this Moncler window. In addition, you can see Soozar referenced at the bottom right of the window. By clicking on Soozar, you are taken to their website, where you can learn more information about them. We also feature other top vendors and suppliers from around the world.

Colleges and universities subscribe to WindowsWear PRO.

For professors and students in the fashion industry this is a vital tool because it helps them to understand how fashion brands are presenting themselves in their store environments around the world. Thousands of students and professors from around the world use the site. Here is an example of a trend report that the students of University of Nebraska at Lincoln prepared using content available on WindowsWear PRO.

As you see, every single image is of the highest visual quality. If you click on any of our images, you can enlarge them, and see them in great detail. Fashion magazines like Vogue, Glamour, and Elle use our images, which are meticulously re-touched and available in high resolution.

Another important feature of WindowsWear PRO is the analysis of different trends. For example, clicking on a window, we can see the different design trends, color trends, style trends, mannequin trends, and analyze them. So, if you want to click on a particular design trend, the website will show you every single window around the world with that design trend. WindowsWear PRO is a data driven reporting tool that is very easy to access, providing very powerful information.

IÂ’m clicking now on the flower trend now, so you can see the huge amount of windows with that particular trend.

Further, Lets access all the windows with green color trend, casual chic style trend, and realistic face mannequin trend. This Dior window from Los Angeles in March 2014 is the only window in the world that incorporates all those trends.

Clicking on the best windows tab, you can select any month and it will show you an entire selection of the best displays currently and historically for each month. You can also track key trends around the world, including design inspirations, color analysis, style trends, and mannequin trends.

If you want to become a subscriber we offer different plans and pricing, depending on your needs. We have different plans for retailers, brands, and designers, vendors and suppliers, colleges and universities, and WindowsWear Pro Premium, providing advisory and consulting services.

If you click on our clients tab, you will see a selection of the types of clients we work with from around the world.

Large trade associations and organizations around the world like the Association for Retail Environments in the U.S. and Fashion Commerce in Finland, and The Planning and Visual Education Partnership have partnered with WindowsWear PRO as a leading digital tool for their members.

Subscribing is very easy. Just click the subscription tab that is best for you and submit your payment information. Activating accounts for entire companies is very fast and we also provide proxy IP authentication for universities. Once subscribed, you and your team will be using WindowsWear PRO, the world's largest fashion visual display. and merchandising resource all the time!

Thank you, and we look forward to welcoming you to the WindowsWear PRO community.

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