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As ValentineÂ’s day is right around the corner, many stores are embracing the romantic feel with their beautiful design and window displays.

Tiffany’s & Co. in New York City being no exception – showcasing their jewelry and accessories as the perfect gift for that special someone. The Tiffany’s window displays depict witty, dreamy illustrations such as a romantic dinner for two, a box of chocolates and a couple in love, sharing a Valentine’s day card. However a more jovial touch was included with the couple being two cats and the dinner for two having a more ‘lady and the tramp-esque’ feel.

The graphic illustrations are created in a palette of blue and pink with Tiffany jewelry incorporated seamlessly into each scene. It is a great way to showcase the TiffanyÂ’s collections while inviting the passerby in to look closely and enjoy the displays.

Image Citation: Tiffany & Co., New York, January 2015 by WindowsWear PRO

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