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WindowsWear PRO features vendors as one of its many search filters. Top vendors like Ace Designs, Agura, Visual Citi, & Soozar are seen in the fashion windows of top brands around the world.

Kate Spade, New York, October 2013 by WindowsWear PRO (http://pro.windowswear.com). Ace Designs' black framed glasses.

Promod, Barcelona, June 2013 by WindowsWear PRO (http://pro.windowswear.com). Agura's shaped circles.

Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, August 2014 by WindowsWear PRO (http://pro.windowswear.com). Visual Citi's geometric neon lights.

Moncler, Milan, February 2013 by WindowsWear PRO (http://pro.windowswear.com). Soozar's underwater playground.

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