Voicebot for Intu Shopping Centres UK
The first voicebot based on Artificial Intelligence in apparel retail sector, Joy (Personal Shopping Assistant) was built for Intu Shopping UK using the most advanced AI Google technology. Joy’s purpose is to assist Intu’s clients in product discovery through voice search of products, as well as in customer support, answering queries like status of delivery; Joy is able to correctly answer over 80% of the questions towards the Customer Support, which leads to significant cost savings. Intu’s Personal Shopping Assistant works much like own "Siri for shopping", offering the products available on Intu website. The assistant can be used on Google Assistant, Alexa, and, in voice version, on the phone line. Its text version is accessible on Intu’s website, Messenger and other social platforms. The voice version is available in 30 languages, while the text version in almost any language. The highly advanced solution offers ultimate automation in communication across all communication channels with a consistent message. Available integration with call centres and platforms like Zendesk or Genesys.