Yosh.AI grocery shopping assistant for Frisco.pl - convenience and time-efficiency
For most of people, grocery shopping is far from a thrilling adventure. They often make repetitive purchases, in big part almost automatically, often wishing they could add products to the cart on spot whenever they note that there is no milk in the fridge or when they remember in the least appropriate time that they were supposed to buy ingredients for that party on the weekend. Yosh.AI and Frisco.pl, one of Poland’s largest and longest running online supermarket, are hoping to make these wishes come true. Yosh.AI’s assistant for Frisco makes it possible for consumers to do their shopping quickly and efficiently, fully by voice, without the necessity to browse through products one by one, or click through a webpage or a mobile app to make the order. Whether they are driving a car or taking a walk, or they are in the midst of cooking a dinner, with their hands free they can fill their cart, accept it, order delivery, and finally make the payment.