Yosh.AI shopping assistant - omnichannel strategy on numerous markets and communication platforms
CCC, one of the largest shoes retailers in Central Europe, present in 29 countries, first turned its attention to chatbots and voicebots looking for an increase of sale, decrease of costs, innovative strategy and increased customer engagement. CCC contacted Yosh.AI and in June 2019 Yosh.AI implemented the first assistant for CCC: an e-commerce voice bot for Google Assistant. Soon, the cooperation flourished, as one by one Yosh.AI introduced new products and features. Until the end of 2019 the company launched a CCC assistant for Facebook Messenger. In 2020 Yosh.AI continues to develop further functionalities, and enter new channels for CCC. In February Yosh.AI’s assistant for CCC was equipped with customer support functions (as opposed to pure e-commerce solution), and in April the solution was implemented on CCC website. At the moment Yosh.AI is in the process of introducing the assistant to a customer support phone line and it has been launched for language markets other than Polish including Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian. Yosh.AI also introduced visual search for CCC - for more details, please see the project: Yosh.AI visual search for CCC. Yosh.AI’s virtual assistant guarantees CCC’s customers easy access to information, convenience in communication (natural manner of communication), high-quality advice and service, personalization and possibility to use with “no hands”. In its assistants, Yosh.AI mirrors the full sales path including prepurchase, which becomes a fully omnichannel experience connecting online and offline world, and postpurchase, which guarantees customers fast and seamless service 24/7. In the times of pandemic the number of conversations with the virtual assistant increased by 220% (for some of our other customers even by 500%).