Jamaica Tourist Board Pop-up, NY / Vancouver
Finn Partners enlisted Visual Conductor to design Jamaica Tourist Board's first pop-up for their #FeelTheVibeJamaica campaign. A modular build utilized in New York and Vancouver. In collaboration with spacial design consultancy CO-Office. ROLES: Creative Direction, Event Design, Environmental Design, Graphic Design, Production MEDIUMS: Kinect Interactive Installation, Social Media Display, Lighting / Sound Design, Projections TEAM: Wendy Hu, Creative Director. Liam Panero, Creative Producer. Casey McLain, Lighting / Sound Designer. William Luperena, Graphic Designer. James Cao, Creative Technologist. Finn Partners / Marshall-Fenn, PR. CO-Office, Spacial Design. Treatment Studio, Fabrication. Arrival Agency: Marketing / Production, BC. PHOTOS: DDReps (NY), Appear Here (NY), Corey Poluk (BC), Wendy Hu.