Season Of Bling
Project Eve “Season of Bling 2019” Breaking away from traditional approach this party season, Project Eve, the women’s centric brand from Reliance Retail have created a graceful and conspicuous window display which captures the passerby’s attention immediately. The concept of the window is based on modern minimal and abstract philosophy of the brand. The installation art props was based on the modern and contemporary forms. Large abstract glittery forms were created as the prime prop, which brings richness and festivity in the display. The circular rings behind enhances the display and complete the display look. The backdrop and lights equally compliments the party and festive outfits which bring out mood of season. The window communicates the party fever of the season. The idea behind the celebration window display is inspired by shapes & free flowing forms. a window has given a festive look and feel without being overtly “Party”. In the back of our minds we wanted modern and contemporary take for the season. Glitter finish was very important to us to create a tactile and luxurious display. The clever execution of props, lights and color scheme captures the feel of season without being over the top. The attention to detail using scale, texture and lighting are what makes the display look particularly stunning at night. Keeping the same in mind we have focused on the merchandise displays with at most styling and composition. Designed by in-house VM team of Project Eve the brand from Reliance retail ltd, the celebration concept has been rolled across pan India stores. Project Highlights - The Primary prop was two abstract semi-circular forms place at an angle .The form had to be free standing and broad. The main challenge was to get the same made in the depth and height as per the proportions and accommodate in the different depths available in the windows across different stores. Initially we tried in MDF / ply and finally got it made in foam board to reduce cost and weight. We had to do a few prototypes to arrive at the right size. Also. To get the glitter for the form, we initially explored glitter paints and other mediums before zeroing down on vinyl. The circular light boxes were made in acrylic with led modules .Getting oversize circular rings inside small close back window through narrow opening was big challenge, so we have taken props in two parts and got it assembled and finished inside window. VM head – Unni Augustine Concept Design -Aarti Shegaonkar /Unni Augustine Styling – Manish Ranjan/Sanika/Nethu. Vendor – Adwings Adverting Pvt Ltd