Exhibition Design_A curatorial approach for Windowswear (Research Project)
Author: María Cruz Academic Advisor: Javier Antón ABSTRACT This thesis consists in a full proposal of an exhibition. It covers both the theoretical framework and the design process. The focus tackles down the topic from a conceptual point of view, and the design of a three‐dimensional environment able to encourage the visitor's understanding, participation and emotional engagement. An exhibition is the perfect way to reflect, debate and make visible a topic through different strategies communicating a message or telling a story. It’s an opportunity to interact directly with a wide range of different people and having feedback in a very effective way. Following this ideas is interesting to think an exhibition showing something different in some way. WindowsWear is a fashion technology company founded in 2012 and headquartered in New York City that showcases display windows in real-time in major cities. They organize every year the WindowsWear Awards, an event recognizing the top window displays each year in different categories. The exhibition have two main objectives; the first one is showing the Awards to the public giving visibility to the work of WindowsWear and the brands; the second one is proposing a deeper analysis of the window dressing developing the strategy of the brand showing the clothes in different ways with new award categories as scenography, display, technology or identity.