Visual Merchandising_A didactic store (Research project)
Author: Andrés Aldave Academic Advisor: Javier Antón ABSTRACT This thesis deals with the evolution of visual merchandising, a future idea of how buying and selling can be understood, from a visual physical point of view. It covers both the understanding of the chosen brand and its translation into design strategies. The store space, the storefront, the display of the products and their relationship between all of them. The sale of products, clothing, cars, and in general all types of sales is changing without any doubt as a result of the internet. Nowadays, people buy online, with a computer, with a mobile phone, with a tablet. Through an application we can see the catalog, order, pay, and receive it in our house without having to go to stores. Here the difference begins, the stores, as we know them traditionally, are no longer meaningful. This is why the store concept must change so that people have a reason to go to the store. This thesis will deal with the visual, functional and architectural aspect of this new store. Two main ideas are proposed. This new store is related to a new business model, focus on learning rather than a business focus on buying. The second important idea is to create a didactic living space. Create an architectural space that is didactic by itself. The visual merchandising normally focuses on the 2D two-dimensional, but through this new storefront the space is 3D. A renewed business model, which brings much more interest than the typical shop already obsolete.