Vanity Cabinet
Tusker Stainless Steel 304 Vanity Cabinet is Best suit for Restrooms / Bathrooms Tusker Stainless Steel 304 Vanity Cabinets are suitable for use in wash Rooms & Bath Rooms. An imperishable cabinet Suspended on Walls with Italian Brackets. These Stainless Steel modules integrate seamlessly with all types of hobs, sinks of standard dimensions. Tusker Stainless Steel 304 Kitchen Cabinets are also compatible with a variety of accessories and are available in multiple standard height, depth, and variable widths. Tusker’s Vanity Cabinets are the best choice as a hygienic solution requiring minimal maintenance to maintain high levels of cleanliness. Height 500 mm 419 mm Tusker Vanity Cabinet is compatible with : Concealed Hinges for shutters with Provision of Shelf supports at Variable heights. Draw Systems make- Blum- Meta Box, Tandem Box, Antaro, Intivo, Legra Box etc. Hettich, Multi-Tech, Innotech, Quadro Channels, Telescopic channels for Baskets, Grass Hardware, Ebco and many more. All hardware conforming to system 32.