Reimagine The Store In A Healthy World
The future of retail design is a good combination of well-being, visualization, entertainment, and experience. For the last 40 years in the fashion industry, Michael Kors brand has achieved its goals of reaching a better positive shopping environment to not only make a big impact on its customers, but also to go beyond the brand's limit in a healthy world. What does it actually mean? First of all, it’s about the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. The world of retail design is no longer based on the needs of consuming products. Hence, people look for new ways to interest them, invite them to go out, and help them feel more engaging to their surroundings. Customers would spend more time and money on what brings them joy and comfort rather than just only a quality of the products. Second, SUSTAINABILITY is not only about using organic materials, but it also focuses on consuming less energy, which helps reduce global warming. Last but not least, DIGITAL APPLICATIONS take a huge toll on retail design and visual merchandising. It should also be a stepping stone that improves HUMAN CONNECTIONS. And, this is how I reimagine my Michael Kors retail store in a fast-paced but healthier lifestyle.