Breathing Room 2021
A couple of years ago, I made the trend forecasting project Breathing Room 2021. It is all being grounded and staying true to yourself. Ironically enough, I'm grounded right now as I don't have phone privileges and COVID-19 is keeping me housebound. This has been keeping me grounded, as does being in nature, hence all of the imagery of nature throughout the video. As time goes on, fashion is blurring the lines between what is masculine and what is feminine. In 2021, no matter one's gender, they will throw on their loose, oversized fitted clothing that is reminiscent of grass blowing in the wind and the ripples of water. I put my all into this project with the help of Angel Olsen's "Sister" music video and song" Lana Del Rey's "Freak" music video, a Troye Sivan Glossier ad, clips of Ezra Miller, some royalty free clips, and finally, some effervescent collaborators. This project received a D and I felt my team down. I was happy with it though.