Showfields Miami opening
THE MOST INTERESTING ODE TO THE MAGIC CITY SHOWFIELDS Miami space will simultaneously celebrate Miami’s culture and unequivocal nature. The vibrancy of the store architecture and color palette gives a strong nod to Miami’s natural and manmade elements with a special focus on the local effects of water, sun, fauna and flora - both aesthetically and ecologically. Thoughtful art installations throughout the store will create visually stunning, interactive and thought provoking, opportunities for an audience of both local collectors and tourists to think deeply about Magic City, and appreciate the incredible nature they are surrounded by. For our cultural installation we are looking for a sensorial submersion of sight, sound, buoyantly colored structures with a play on scale and scent. Artists in this curation will be given the chance to respond and interpret the juxtaposition of the busy city, with the beautiful nature that surrounds it. Using a mix of natural and synthetic, recycled and upcycled material in a curated color palette, these installations will respond to Miami's balance between flexibility and limits. The Integration of architecture, climate and water represent gradual indoor/outdoor transitions: from warm to cool, from humid to dry and from the street to the art. Brands will get the opportunity to work within a similar theme, with opportunities to highlight and showcase any sustainability, upcycling and recycling agendas, ecological initiatives or innovative approaches towards creating for the future.