Love Me tender
Bespoke windows created and directed for the key top markets such as Long, New York, Tokyo and Paris, depict an aspirational dramatic and immersive design inspired by the Spring 17 Coach runway show. They capture a cinematic highly romanticized point of view featuring All American 50’s rusted pretty Sedans , with contrasted modern high gloss, and chromed scaffolds, sitting in a field of wildflowers and roses, with romantic inscriptions on the windshield spelling “Love me Tender”, glowing in warm shades of pinks, a nod to Elvis, Coach’s season muse. The design intend is to tell the story of a group of girls and boys gangs, hanging out near an abandoned parking lot, listening to Elvis’s music dressed in the subverted mashup of the Spring 17 Coach Collection inspired by Beatniks, Rebels and Rockabillies.