North Star Women's Hospital
Symbolically, the North Star is a cross-cultural beacon of hope and inspiration, as well as an unwavering symbol of protection and comfort to those who have lost their way. At North Star Women’s Hospital, careful consideration has been given to replicate these feelings of protection and hope in the design aesthetic, helping patients and their families feel at ease while they receive treatment. Warm wood accents were incorporated to give the hospital an Earthly connection amidst the cooler tones and space-like atmosphere. A high-contrast dark blue and white palette, reminiscent of the stars in the sky, is accented with a warm pink for a feminine touch. Simplistic, minimal, and uncomplicated; the thoughtful design choices at North Star Women’s Hospital aim to alleviate the stress of hospital visits by creating a calming, spa-like atmosphere. Just as the stars have guided humankind for centuries, the balance of dark galaxy themed tones and light, airy finishes will guide patients on their path to recovery.