Shoppers want the best quality food at great prices. They are drawn to the welcoming ambience of a well-lit produce, meat, fish, vegetable fruits or bakery department, and they’re more likely to buy products that are well presented. Our lights capture vibrant, nuanced color patterns to display food in an appealing way. With new technology, we have worked on creating an LED system that works on all types of food. Our revolutionary food LED system 'Back to the Future' is tuned to enhance red tones in meat, while maintaining a clean white contrast for its marbling and texture. At the same time it works perfectly in the bakery section, which is one of the most evocative parts of the food department. The system highlights the browns and gold colors in baked goods, emphasizing a fresh out-of-the-oven appearance. Fruits and vegetable displays pop with an array of colors, optimizing intensity of the colors.