Color temperature is a game changer when it comes to retail lighting. Different color temperatures work best with certain products. For example, a store that sells furniture should be illuminated with warmer light like 2700 Kelvin or 3000 Kelvin. Light that makes you feel warm and comfortable, like you are at home. If you took a different product like say sporting shoes, and have them in every color of the spectrum and put it under the same light, you will see that some of the colors don't look good. Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange look very good under the warm light, but cool colors like blue and white do not look good. So if we step to a colder light like 4000 K, we can see that the cooler colors like white and blue look amazing, but you definitely lose a lot on the warmer colors red, orange and yellow. Now we have new LED technology to reach 3500 K which is the perfect balance between warm and cold light that works perfectly on any color no matter if it is red, green, or white. Our team of lighting specialists helped work out the perfect lighting levels for this project that we collaborated on with HYDROGEN.