Reconstruction/Window display in Illustrator
Project of a Fashion Marketing program student from LaSalle College. In the image of the created vitrine, we can see the main product, a big model of the perfume of new The Mediterranean at Home campaign, it is presented right in the center. Next to it, there is another big sample of the perfume bottle and the mannequin with the wrapped towel on the head, sitting on the Greek styled concrete table. On the left side of the vitrine, we can see the olive tree in the pot (a symbol of the Mediterranean nature) and the leaning shelves with the displayed fragrance diffusers and fragrance sticks of them. (brand’s products) Above that, we can see a single shelf with 2 different perfumes of the presented campaign, 2 bottles of each. The background and walls are made of blue square tiles, the floor is made of tiny pinky tiles, that represent the Ancient mosaic. There are also two signatures of the brand, one right at the center above RECONSTRUCTION, the brand’s name, and another one screwed to the right wall The Mediterranean at Home, the campaign’s name.