Wicked at the Apollo Theatre
We were delighted to to provide the new green sequin wall for the “Wicked” show at the Apollo Theatre in Victoria, London. To ensure the sequins kept their bright green colour against long term sun damage, we made sure to use UV resistant sequins for this project. Altogether we needed to populate 800 Shimmerwall boards with the 30mm bright green sequins, with over 51000 sequins. The UV sequins were specially produced for this project. The final effect is stunning and the UV resistant green sequins will retain their colour beautifully. The green colour of the sequins matches the branding of the “Wicked” show which is one of the most iconic and enduring shows in London and which has unique and attention grabbing signage for this theatre. The sequins and shimmering disc panels are beautifully lit from beneath the signage throwing up a green colour light onto the shimmering sequin fascia, creating an atmospheric and moody feel to the front of the theatre. This green lighting extends past the signage and makes the building shine a green colour so the drama begins even before the theatre-goers enter the building.