Gnome Grown Cannabis
Gnome Grown Organics’ two retail cannabis locations in Oregon City, OR are the embodiment of a brand dedicated to legendary organic cannabis cultivation practices, stewardship to nature, and a passion for quality. Every detail of the brand’s retail experience is inspired by the life story of one of their founders and carefully crafted to connect with each and every visitor in the most subtle and authentic manner.

A palette of natural materials, contrasting textures, and cheerful colors come together to create a boutique shopping environment for viewing and purchasing Gnome Grown’s carefully curated selection of cannabis products. Authentic wood finishes in hickory and reclaimed Douglas Fir ground the palette in warm, natural textures. The brand’s color palette of blues, browns and greens is placed into each space through other natural elements: turquoise green patinaed copper, dark brown stone counters, wool patchwork rugs, linens, ceramic penny tiles, and interior plants.

Photography - Richard Cadan
Millwork & fixtures - MaxWood Co