Wee Gallery x Kickfurther
Wee Gallery raised $18,678 on Kickfurther in 53 seconds! "Surya and Dave started Wee Gallery when their son was born in 2002. They were looking for the perfect toy for a newborn and couldn't find anything quite right. Their pediatrician said that black and white lines on a paper plate would be perfect. The books corroborated it; newborn babies see best at a distance of 12 to 15 inches and they are mesmerized by black and white patterns. So Surya created the first Wee Gallery animals with repeating geometric patterns that engage babies from the first day. And as they grow, so does their view of the Wee Gallery animals. Initially, they are just patterns, but eventually, they see the animals, and then, one day they can call them by name" https://weegallery.com/ https://kickfurther.com/