Store Re-Merchandising
Many people say to me "WOW" your job sounds amazing and so glamorous visiting clients stores around the world. They are quite shocked when I inform them of the work that goes on behind the scenes, particularly at night while the store is closed. I remember my time while working at Harrods when the VM Team would work through the night to install Christmas. The customer does not see you pulling 12ft Christmas trees through the Beauty Hall at 3am to its correct location. The customer never sees this side of Visual Merchandising. In order to keep stores looking fresh and inviting to customers entire departments need re-merchandising. Fixtures are moved around, walls are painted, merchandise is relocated into new areas to give that all important shopping experience to customers. Visual Merchandising is creative but there is the commercial aspect to it. Good planning and particularly space planning skills are needed but this is part of the job that is enjoyable! Visual Merchandising is all about creating retail theatre, excitement and a pleasant shopping experience which is something customers cannot find while shopping on-line.