AireHealth Case Study
Significant shifts in the medical device market have created new opportunities in digital health and digital therapeutics to help patients be more proactive with their healthcare. By bringing these two powerhouses together, AireHealth is positioned to be a mover-and-shaker in this exciting space, and a leader at the intersection of technology that is changing lives in the digital health space. Founders, Stacie Ruth and Dr. Jason Eichenholz led the evolution and creation of AireHealth. Stacie not only has a passion for healthcare, but also respiratory disease as many of her family members have suffered from these debilitating conditions. With an extensive background in the medical device industry at Philips, Stacie was brought in as a Co-Founder and CEO to bring AireHealth’s new nebulizer and companion app to market. Dr. Jason Eichenholz, a technological trailblazer along with his innovation teams solved several complex technological issues for a pharmaceutical company that wanted to pair respiratory drugs with a world-class nebulizer. Services: Design + Development, Branding, Infographic Design, Video Editing