Bulgari Resort
Bulgari Hotels & Resorts is the world’s most successful brand extension from a luxury sector currently with six locations across the globe. Four more locations will be opening in the next three years in Paris, Rome, and Tokyo respectively. Bulgari continues to draw in guests as a leading hospitality brand with exquisite amenities and craftsmanship. With the rise of fusion luxury and its demand of guests and travelers seeking a unique experience, Bulgari Hotels & Resorts proposes to expand the brand into virgin territory, the United States with its first US resort on the private Fisher Island, Miami, Florida. Future locations are planned for Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta to be built by 2030 as well as the Caribbean. The design itself is meant to lead to better guest satisfaction, higher occupancy, a greater ADR and support from locals. Nuance, subtlety and restraint is involved with the cross-pollination of symmetry, stripped classicism and Roman inspirations in a tropical setting. Sincerity and authenticity to the Bulgari DNA creates a sense of place, as well as endurance and timelessness transcending the passage of time and remaining relevant in an evolving culture. The Bulgari Resort Miami offers the highest level of excellence in sustainability and design. The Resort is WELL Platinum and LEED Platinum.