E-Waste Display
This Project we were challenged to use upcycled materials to create a display. The company I chose to base my project off of was Vans I created props and riser that reflected their brand identity. I created the skateboard from a old keyboard after I pulled off all the keys for my riser. Then I duct taped it to fill the holes of the missing keys and to create a shiny surface. Then I pulled mouse cord wires apart and used the individual wires to create a stripe pattern on the skateboard. To create the risers I used old cookie tins painted them and some of the keyboard keys to create a checkered pattern. Next I glued the keys to the cookie tins. I didn't have enough keys to completely surround the tins, so I skipped every other side which created a larger checkered print. Overall I liked the challenge of working with E-Waste, and I wished I had a pair of Vans to display.