Amazon: Lungs of the planet
This window is supposed to grab attention to the problem of deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. We need to realize the severe causes of this terrible situation in the short term and long-term influence. The window, “Amazon: Lungs of the planet,” includes handmade clay ribs sculpture that, instead of lungs, keeps green moss grass and burned/painted in red moss grass. The left side (green) represents the part of the Amazon rainforest that brings life. The right side (rusty red) is burned and has many gaps. It represents the process of clearing and removing trees through natural or accidental means, which destroys animal and plant species due to their loss of habitat. The background was printed as a high-quality thick matte poster. I used white vinyl to make it more visible compared to the dark background. The window was installed as a part of the Assignment about social responsibility — credits to our teacher, Pak Lun, for curating the project. Visual Merchandising Arts program at Sheridan College.