Commercial space design (Redesigning the boiler house of distillery district)
The idea behind the design is to preserve our natural heritage 'distillery district' by incorporating biophilia and sustainablility into the space. The idea is also to maintain a peaceful environment and well-being of people. I have used a maximum of sustainable materials in the design. Re-think workspace will be place where people will work together and interact with each other, children will play and learn, people will have a place to relax and enjoy working with creativity and innovation. The goal is to use biophilic design theory and sustainability into design to bring psychological as well as practical benefits to the co-working space. This design will bring a well-being to people and sustainability to the space. Lounge area is relaxing area in any commercial space. People relax and enjoy their break and communicate in lounge area. The area is designed keeping in mind about COVID-19 social distancing. It is open to everyone and inviting space that allows individual to communicate and utilize the space. It is designed to form a sense of community and comprehensiveness. A peaceful and tranquil feel is offered by providing relaxing environment with social distancing. Co-working space allows individuals to use their space with freedom. In this area, people can meet, discuss, network, share ideas, and collaborate on different projects. This shared work-space is environmentally pleasing with moss wall, sustainable flooring and wall finishes. The furniture is COVID-19 safe, ergonomically comfortable and peaceful. This area brings natural air and light inside with a communication of nature into indoor space. A relaxing work sofa is given behind the co-working work tables so that one can occasionally. Art gallery with a combination of café and bar area is welcoming. The old and new combination of walls gives a feeling of past and future. The area is designed to welcome people to enjoy the art gallery with some food and drink together. Also, the office staff can come here, relax and communicate with each other. The light and air coming in through the windows brings a sense of brightness making the artwork more visible and the whole area fresher. Sustainable flooring and wall finishes with the old wall preserves the heritage and blends in the new finishes together.