Rustic theme kitchen and powder room
My inspiration has been nature from childhood. I love to incorporate nature in all of my designs, whether it is modern or traditional design theme. Kitchen: The backsplash used is marble tiles and the cabinets are made of solid oak wood which is polished. The handles used are brass handles which gives an accent to the cabinets. The upper cabinets is a combination of wood and glass which a unique look to the kitchen. The kitchen has more of drawers for the ease of use and aesthetics. Built-in appliances are given to give a modern look to the rustic theme. The range hood gives an emphasis to the kitchen. The shelves beside the hood gives a balances look to the kitchen. It can also be used to display wine glasses, bottles, jars and more. The upper cabinets can be used to display wine glasses, bottles and cutlery as well. Track lights and pendant lights are used to give aesthetics and function to the room. The island countertop is wooden and it acts like a good combination with cabinets. The blue upholstery on the chairs will be a focal point as well as accent to the kitchen. Powder room: Using natural materials or natural looking materials is my idea of incorporating nature into design. Natural marble countertop will give a feeling of luxury. Brass finish faucet will give a nice accent look to the powder room. Wall mount toilet will give a modern look with rustic theme. Shelves over toilet will give an aesthetical appeal as well as function to the wall. Pendant light will give an ambience and accent lighting to the room. Also, it will act like a vanity light. Navy blue vanity will go well with the wall and the countertop. Brass finish handles will go well with the vanity and the faucet. Hexagonal marble flooring will give a playful and joyful feeling. Round statement mirror looks balanced on the wall.