Summer 21 Windows
See the making of our special summer VM activations in New York. This season we are inspired by the idea of nature taking over and the hope that there can be a beautiful bloom after a long winter. We imagined a world where nature slowly takes over our city, with flowers growing inside empty trash cans and vines crawling up lamp posts as we all hunker inside, waiting for warmer weather. We also were inspired by the idea of making something out of nothing, and had a greater focus on sustainability. Waves from spring windows are re-covered as grassy knolls, and upon closer inspection you will notice that flowers and vines are hand crafted from paper with subtle spade elements in leaves and petals. We hope the windows will add some joy, color, and optimism to your day as you walk by! Special thank you to our local floral vendor, Kelly Harridge Designs for our special Rockefeller Center & Broome Street activations, as well as our vendors, Visual Citi and Duggal.