Explorer Senior Community Center
In this project, the students were asked to choose a topic related to social problems. And the design is aimed at solving this issue. I decided to focus on depression among the elderly. My project is called Explorer Senior Community Center. Compared with the elderly in nursing homes or nursing homes, 90% of the elderly prefer primary health care in their own place. However, in this case, the elderly may lack care and social interaction. Social isolation would lead to depression, so the task of Explorer Senior Community Center design is to provide the support that can transform elderly people's lives by promoting a healthy and comfortable environment with LEED and WELL strategies. Also, Explorer Senior Community Center will supply diverse courses, interesting activities and year- run shuttle bus service, which will support the senior people to socialize with others more. The gesture design is called ""Pioneer" which is explained as "an initiator of a new enterprise" in the dictionary. In this project, it represents the spirit of this facility: to lead the new way of ageing! Cafe and indoor garden are two key areas, which are the center of the activity area and the quiet area respectively. I hope people can walk around the garden, explore the beauty of this area, and talk comfortably with friends in cafes for a long time. The Garden contains rusty steel panels which formed a sculpture shaped in the gesture of this project in the top view. The idea is inspired by the sculpture of Richard Serra. Green plants were planted around the rusty steel panel. Rusty steel plates represent old ones, but the trees are fresh. Trees represent everything possible, full of energy. They form a kind of contrast bringing this design alive. Because there is a sculpture group, people could explore different perspectives from different angles. The cafe is very comfortable, and its design is very thoughtful for those who have physical limitations. The wood strips partition panel system making the handrail a part of it. To keep the continuity, the railing is shaped as a gesture used in the garden design. Chairs are easy to move, and some of them are with casters. The material and lighting used to take the visual and physical limitations of the elderly into account. The LEED-certified terrazzo floor will reduce the risk of falling. Most of the custom-made furniture will be made from local reclaimed wood. Various lighting layers that avoid direct glare provide a soft light source for space.