Carolina Herrera Insignia Campaign
With streetwear taking over as a global fashion trend, we were tasked with blending the luxurious brand heritage of Carolina Herrera with the modernity of its latest chic accessory line, to prove that elegance is timeless. With that in mind, we designed an omni-channel experience that would place Carolina Herrera in a position to resonate with a new breed of luxury consumers. Going beyond the usual Instagram post, we tied up partnerships with three of the region’s most prestigious titles including Vogue Arabia to make sure the brand leveraged both relevancy and reach through content that was designed for the new generation of luxury customers. Next, we brought all of our ambassadors together to create a regional campaign that our audience would be excited to watch and share and created bespoke content ready to be consumed on social media. Each ambassador was treated to her very own edit in order to better reflect the bespoke approach we took. Finally, we got the town talking by designing a brand experience with our iconic accessory line at its heart. Each value was brought to life in a manner that was unique and allowed for organic content sharing. In a world governed by hype and trends, Carolina Herrera proved that true elevated and elegant luxury can still entertain and actively engage millennials.