For Sole DXB we wanted to bring the Jamaican spirit to our PUMA pop-up, to further amplify and align with the Jamaican streetwear and sports inspired event theme. Inspired by the ‘Champs’ in Kingston, The PUMA story is embedded in the culture of track and field in Jamaica. From the mindset of the athletes to the community spirit found in the bleachers, track and field plays a vital role in youth development in Jamaica, and plays a pivotal role in the story we conveyed through our pop-up space. With the PUMA narrative always grounded in sport, our three layered, multi-use stadium was brought to life by use of bleachers as a key social spot, enhanced by large reflectors, multi themed areas within the space and a large stadium LED screen. Diving into the island’s talent pool, female singers Lila Ike and Sevana joined us alongside Maryland rapper and PUMA global brand ambassador, Ybncordae for live performances. Customization collaboration with US based streetwear brand China Town Market was also integrated through a series of immersive workshops around unique customization methods.