COACH Heritage
The exhibition focuses on the Age of Bonnie Cashin, the pioneer that breathed the new life into the company of COACH in 1962 as well as the new identity of the Rexy invented by Stuart Vevers- the Creative Director of COACH. The project has three special installations inside Old Penn Station in New York City: Cashin's Studio, Cashin's Closet, and the Giant Rexy. This promotes two important milestones of the company as well as bringing back the vintage vibes where Bonnie Cashin herself considered clothing and interior design were inextricably tied. She is known for layering and pastel colors, so that the installation is taken into the next level: using mesh fabric to create the entire space including the exteriors, furniture, and decoration. Customers can also enjoy original COACH products from the archives as well as purchase reproductions of Cashin's Original Collection. The Giant Rexy provides customers, especially children and family members Instagrammable moments.