Real-Time Visual Messaging App for Retailers and Brands

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WindowsWear's real-time retail communications App transforms and revolutionizes the way retailers communicate. Using the App will instantly allow your corporate team the ability to securely communicate and receive images of all their store locations and any other selling channels like retail, wholesale, pop-up shops, events, and more.

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All other forms of communication like email, text message, and phone call are based on user-to-user, with the App the communication is based on the store or selling channel to the corporate office. Users are assigned to each store or selling channel so it's organized and structured. When a person leaves your company, all the images they take and all the knowledge they have contributed is lost. With the App, all data is stored on the cloud, so it's accessible anywhere at anytime. No more digging through emails to find old images or to communicate with your stores. The App also functions as a a) text messenger b) email service c) image library d) VOIP telephone e) VOIP group call f) VOIP video call, and you can upload any attachments like a g) Dropbox, and more. The App also has additional functionality like tasks and forms to automate and manage your workflow and your teams. The App also has a community feature for your team members to further collaborate and engage in best practices.



The App instantly answers the question "what do my stores look like?" and the primary user can instantly broadcast and validate visual directives (think of it like WhatsApp meets Facebook Messenger meets Pinterest). The App has native mobile, tablet, and desktop versions on either MAC's and PC's. You can literally have access to all your stores on your desktop or via the web, with all the images and messages from your stores at your fingertips. You can also instantly group call or video call through the App or website directly to your stores to stay coordinated in real-time. The admin will also have to manage the master list of stores and users. We can also create a network hierarchy as minimal or as complex as you want and can include regional managers, corporate executives, and other members of the team from other divisions.

Once installed on everyone's phones (installing the App is easy from iTunes or Google Play), the store managers take images of the stores in a standardized, regular manner and they are all uploaded to the App in real-time. Just let us know what your current or ideal store process is, and WindowsWear can mimic or enhance that process within the App. You can take advantage of the customized forms and tasks that make the your process more standardized and efficient.






The #1 Trusted Communications App in the Global Retail Industry

FEATURE WindowsWear
Chat: 1-1 + group chats
API Integration
Employee Profiles
File Sharing
Search Functionality
Unlimited Image and Video Uploads
Unlimited Voice Calling
Unlimited Video Calling
Notification Management
Broadcast & Announcements
Threaded, topic-based group chats
E-reports and e-forms
Task assignment and management
Commendations: reward employees for a job well done
Security: dedicated servers, military-grade encryption, audit support
Custom Branding
Automated Directory
Admin Panel
Permissions Model
Engagement Indicator
Mobile-First with Desktop Version
Dedicated System Monitoring + Tech Support