WindowsWear's Innovative Social Media Strategy Lands 100K+ Facebook Likes

Less than a year after launching, WindowsWear capitalizes on its innovative social media strategy.

On September 22, 2013, WindowsWear reached 100K “Likes” on Facebook, just ten months after launching. From day one, initial feedback about its unique content indicated WindowsWear was destined to be successful on social media platforms. Just after the company’s launch in November of 2012, ran an exclusive launch story that achieved the highest number of engaged users, more than any other fashion or beauty brand story at the time. WindowsWear has been a social media hit ever since.

“The content of WindowsWear is unique because we take the highest quality images of the world’s best fashion window displays” says Mike Niemtzow, President and Co-Founder of WindowsWear. “The high quality resolution makes the images very engaging.”

WindowsWear posts its best images of window displays to its social media pages. Fashion brands from all over the world have taken to sharing the WindowsWear posts featuring their window displays. Iconic fashion brands, such as Christian Louboutin, regularly share posts by WindowsWear on their social media platforms globally. Companies also include WindowsWear's images in press releases that showcase a new window concept the brand debuts.

Fashion brands do the work to create the window displays and WindowsWear does the work to help market those displays and fashion products to a global, digital audience. WindowsWear makes the content readily available for brands to share the images via their social media. Displaying visually engaging images is an important part of marketing a fashion brand. WindowsWear provides a valuable new tool for thefashion industry.

“It’s an online way of driving attention and traffic to stores,” explained Jon Harari, CEO and Co-Founder. “Consumers tell us that they love seeing the fashion and visual work that go into the windows from retailers around the world. Our content provides a fun way to experience fashion, beyond just product thumbnails that are too common on the Internet.”

Celebrities such as Sofia Vergara follow WindowsWear on Twitter. The companyÂ’s Instagram and Twitter posts are shared by fashion icon Stefano Gabanna. WindowsWear also has a growing social media presence on Pinterest and Weibo.