WindowsWear PRO and Diexun Partner to Create the Leading Fashion Trend and Forecasting Resource in China

WindowsWear PRO

WindowsWear PRO now provides exclusive, engaging, real-time digital content to Diexun for the benefit of its subscribers.

WindowsWear PRO (, the world's only source of inspiration and the only store window trend subscription service that specializes in the world's fashion windows, has partnered with the premiere fashion trend company Diexun to deliver one-of-a-kind, exclusive content for Diexun's Chinese-based subscribers.

"WindowsWear is at the forefront of the globalization of retail and visual merchandizing trends, and we are pleased to work with the best forecasting company in China," says Jon Harari, CEO & Co-Founder of WindowsWear. "With our unique content, Diexun's services will now be more valuable and enriching to its subscribers." WindowsWear PRO is creating the most advanced professional visual design information, trend and analytics service for visual merchandisers, store planners, marketers, other creative professionals and vendors for window displays such as mannequin companies and set designers. By utilizing WindowsWear PRO's services, Diexun is able to provide more engaging content to its subscribers.

"China is a growing market and WindowsWear is excited to continue to expand and grow into Asia. WindowsWear looks forward to partnering with more companies from around the world in the future," says Mike Niemtzow, CFO & Co-Founder of WindowsWear.

"Diexun is pleased to work with WindowsWear, the premiere source for window displays trends. They provide us and our clients with amazing digital imagery and their trend reports and understanding of displays is unparalleled," says Seem Lee, Director of Design at Diexun. "No other company is able to provide the type of content and insight than WindowsWear delivers. What's more, WindowsWear's team is very professional and delivers exactly what we need. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with them."

The two companies have partnered up to provide unmatched trend analysis of fashion window displays to the industry. For more information on WindowsWear or the Diexun partnership, please contact pr(at)windowswear(dot)com.

About Diexun

Shenzhen Diexun Network Technology Ltd. ("Diexun," is the leading online trend-analysis, research, and forecast service in China, providing creative and business intelligence for the apparel, design and retail industries. The company researches and analyzes current and future fashion trends, aims to help professional designers gain inspiration and creativity, as well as provides fashion trend information to specialists.