WindowsWear Awards Stylish Shop Windows

Accessories Magazine

Fashion retailers know that having stylish window displays are just as important as carrying good merchandise. Customers must be enticed by what they see outside the stores before they even come inside, and a captivating window display can certainly help increase brand awareness if not increase store foot traffic.

WindowsWear, a company that analyzes over 25,000 window displays in over 10 major fashion capitals worldwide, knows how visual creativity is important in the fashion business. Just recently, it celebrated its fourth Annual Fashion Window Display Awards, giving due credit to shop windows globally.
Here, we present some chic, award-winning sets:

Valentino|Berlin|April 2015:
The neon signÂ’s message can be an effective pickup line, too, if done right.

Bottega Veneta|Barcelona|August 2015:
WhoÂ’s up for some butterfly catching? And some luxurious leather goods, too?

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