USA Today Features The Best of New York

Fashion Window Walking Tour

Gaze into the windows of New YorkÂ’s biggest stores, and you know why the city rules the world of fashion.

There in the window of Burberry is a classic double breasted trench coat; in the BloomingdaleÂ’s display, the iconic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress; and in FendiÂ’s window, delicious neon-yellow and bright-blue patent leather handbags, just begging to be held.

By simply walking down the sidewalk, you get the sense — this city’s got style.

It also has a hardworking group of stylists who make that fashion come to life — at least, the kind of staged life that involves perfectly sized mannequins and luxurious props — in the windows of the city’s stores.

“New York’s the fashion capital. People from all over the world come to New York every single year to experience the fashion industry,” said Jon Harari, CEO of WindowsWear.

The 2-year-old company has found a unique way to showcase that industry, putting a spin on an age-old practice: window-shopping. Five days a week, his company offers walking tours in which guides tell the stories behind New YorkÂ’s window displays.

“We focus on all of the major department stores — Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys and Bloomingdale’s — and along the way, we highlight other brands that have great window displays,” he said. “We do it just like if you go into a museum, as if the streets of New York are the halls of the museum.”

Tour guides versed in fashion describe each company and how it fits within the landscape of the fashion industry. They detail the clothes on display and give information about the designers and their collections. Sometimes, the window stylists make an appearance to offer more insight.

As Harari said, this is a special treat. The stylists often work late at night or early in the morning before the store opens. “For instance with Macy’s (Herald Square), it’s one of the largest stores in the world, but only four people are doing the design for their windows. They’re constantly busy,” he said.

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