Stylus Features WindowsWear PRO in their GlobalShop 2015 Report

WindowsWear PRO

Held in Las Vegas, GlobalShop is the world's largest annual expo and conference dedicated to retail design and marketing. Stylus is an innovation research & advisory firm, that looked at three key, emergent topics: the value of humanising brand connections, investing in experiences and key visual trends.


Key visual trends that were pinpointed, traversing windows, architecture and interiors, included an elevated sense of authenticity, construction chic, modern reinterpretations of classical design, and heritage revivals.

Several visual retail experts provided a personal headsup on the current and emerging visual trends with strategic mileage. Examples swung between the retail and hospitality sectors, indicative of increasingly blurred boundaries between the two industries.

Renaissance Retail: Jon Harari is chief executive of US-based and WindowsWear PRO – an interactive, shoppable global database of fashion windows. He highlighted how several brands have reimagined historic window displays to deliver a direct nod to their past glories, including US retailer Club Monaco and luxury Italian label Lanvin – both of which, in early 2015, revived displays first seen more than half a century ago. Harari suggested the trend has been spurred by a postrecessionary desire to remind consumers of their enduring creative prowess, while also flagging the weight of heritage as a key storytelling tool. He also noted US department store Macy's decision, as part of the current $400m overhaul of its Herald Square flagship in New York, to retain and revitalise its original, woodflanked escalators and decorative central elevators.

Classically Modern: Harari was echoed by Kathy Andersson, colour marketing manager at US paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams. She pinpointed a rising esthetic based on classic, clean lines, using historically weighty, almost palatial materials such as stone, marble and tiles. Warming greys, rosegold metallics, wood finishes (distressed and natural) and contrasting surfaces – as seen in spaces such as creative home décor store Alchemy Works in LA and fashion label Artifacts' store within the Breeze Mall, Taipei – "all supports the styling of museum or gallery-esque settings", said Andersson.

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